Journey through the Black Forest

Idyllic mountain streams and dramatic forest gorges, blossoming hillside orchards and lofty windswept peaks, romantic nature trails and humming picturesque towns, a pleasantly mild climate and excellent winter sports facilities on the highest slopes of the region: the Black Forest has something for everyone. The sunniest city in Germany, Freiburg, boasts a magnificent cathedral and a friendly atmosphere; everywhere there are castles, monasteries, churches and farms waiting to be explored. Ancient traditions are religiously upheld at parades of local costume and the wild goings-on for Alemannic carnival. Plenty of fresh air and numerous health resorts guarantee a recuperative stay, with the chic spa of Baden-Baden an absolute must. In the sun-kissed vineyards of the Markgräfler Land and the Ortenau top vintages thrive, the perfect accompaniment to the many culinary delicacies ofthe Black Forest which go far beyond the famous cured ham and Black Forest gateau. The Black Forest, with its fascinating scenery, isolated farmsteads, scenic villages and beautifül cities, is portrayed here in over 200 photos.

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