Journey through Baden

Baden, a historic region in the southwest of Germany, is famous for its sunny scenery and rich array of cultural monuments. Sites of Roman activity, the medieval monasteries of Hirsau and Maulbronn, baroque churches and famous palaces in Bruchsal and Rastatt testify to the glorious past of this independent German state, a country in its own right from 1806 to 1945. Colourfull markets and merry festivals held in half-timbered towns, elegant spas, such as Baden-Baden and Badenweiler, and romantic cities, such as Heidelberg, Freudenstadt and Freiburg, make Baden popular with locals and visitors alike, all keen to indulge in its limitless range of activities. From Lake Constance in the south to the Odenwald in the north the historic spas, restorative beverages, thinkers and poets and hearty cuisine of Baden are portrayed here in over 180 photos, taking you on a journey which explores to the full the great diversity of this ancient grand duchy.

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